Kistler Internet Auctions

For more information, please call at 724-222-8705

If an item sells for $10, you get $5 and seller gets $5. If an item sells for $100, you get $65 and seller gets $35

*seller fees cover transactional fees, shipping materials and handling.

How this store works

  • Call or email for appointmentv
  • Bring items to be sold
  • Items checked for value
  • Receipt given to customer
  • Items photographed and listed on ebay
  • I ship items to winning bidders
  • Unsold items to be picked up
  • Payment to client for sold items


$10 - 34.9940%
$35 - 249.9935%
$250 - 999.9930%
$1000 and up25%

                                                  Kistler Internet Auctions takes all the ebay fees and paypal fees out of their percentage. So if your item sells for $100, you get $65, we get $35, but we pay about $15 of that to ebay and paypal. (It is not all profit)

Unsold Fees

  • Under $100 is $2.00
  • Over $100 is $3.00

What if it Doesn't Sell?

Whenever one of your items is sold, I deduct one unsold fee. If an item is sold for over $100, I deduct 2 unsold item fees. If your sales are good, unsold item fees are not much of a problem. Expensive or complicated items might cost a little more if more time is spent.

Complicated Items

Complicated items. If an item requires a lot of work or special attention I may charge a little extra for the listing because of the extra time involved. For instance, a large lot of comics where issues titles and dates must all be individually checked and added to the description... that takes far longer than listing 1 comic or a couple comics..

Office Information

Call for appointment

Kistler Internet Auctions

445 Jefferson Ave

Washington PA 15301



If your items do not sell, I ask that you pick them up within one month or contact me other options. Items left for more than 30 days will become property of Kistler Internt Auctions to dispose of as desired.